Boarding Girls

Buildings and facilities

The Edelweiss Chalet, in an entirely natural setting, houses girls from the 6ème to terminale. The collège girls share rooms for four or eight and the lycée girls for two or four. For a healthy mind and body, the girls can use their spare time to rest and relax or enjoy leisure activities all within the same boarding facility.

There is a recreation room with a TV, a games console, billiards, board games, library and fitness equipment, etc.

A computer room equipped with Wi-Fi, Skype and a fixed phone line allows the girls to stay in contact with their families.

Life as a border

The boarding facility is a place for personal development where the girls can grow in an environment of trust, learn to become more self-sufficient and increase their sense of responsibility, by observing the rules and respecting people..

The facility is supervised by an educational staff comprising a female boarding supervisor and two female educators, all attentive to the needs of the boarders and ready to talk with them.

The Edelweiss boarding facility is conducive to study and aims to complement academic life via:

– dialogue with the collège/lycée staff and teachers.

– monitored study sessions for lycée girls after the evening meal.

Various activities are available to boarders on Wednesday afternoon and weekends; these may be educational, cultural or sports-related (cinema, swimming pool, treetop adventure course, laser tag, baking, team sports, hiking, etc.).
Because of our mountain location, skiing is the preferred activity in winter (skiing in Abondance or the French-Swiss resorts of Portes du Soleil).


The boarding school timetable is designed to meet the pupils’ physiological needs and facilitate their studies during the school day..

Download the timetable in PDF

Management of girls Boarding

Sandrine Roquais