You can also make an enrolment request by e-mail or post, by sending us the following documents:

your child’s school report for the previous and current years
a covering letter explaining your child’s current situation, class level and type of attendance (day pupil, with lunch, wekly boarder or full-boarder).
your contact details (adress and telephone)
Once these documents have been received, we will contact you to arrange a meeting with the Headmaster in Abondance (with a visit of the school) or by Skype. The pupil must attend this meeting.

If your enrolment request is accepted by the Headmaster, we will send you the following documents.

  • Enrolment file
  • Enrolment file PRIMARY SCHOOL
  • Booklet to return
  • Medical file
  • Information booklet
  • Admission file
  • Booklet to send back
  • Medical file
  • Information booklet
Freestyle or Ski Patrol Brevet National (min. 16 yrs. old)

  • Information documents
  • Freestyle enrolment file or
  • Ski-Patrol Brevet enrolment file