The Collège

In small classes, we provide close support for our collège pupils at each stage of secondary school, overseeing their individual development, progress and success in the Brevet des Collèges (French certificate of general education).


The 6ème class is a year in which pupils must adapt to a new academic environment. Particular attention is paid to helping them acquire new study techniques. They must grow accustomed to the timetable, having different teachers for different subjects and managing their personal study time throughout the week.

The 5ème and 4ème classes are years in which pupils need to broaden their knowledge and improve their study methods. A second modern language (German or Spanish) is taken up in 5ème and some subjects gain in importance, such as physics and chemistry.

The 3ème class, the final year of the Collège, is a phase of orientation. The pupils prepare for the Diplôme National du Brevet, their first end-of-year school exam, which assesses the knowledge acquired at the end of their collège education. They begin organising their studies throughout the year, while furthering their knowledge and study plan. A teacher-parent meeting at the end of the year decides the pupil’s career option, either moving up to the Lycée (general or technological) or following vocational training (CAP).

Our pedagogical approach

Personal guidance: study time from 4.50pm to 6.45pm gives the pupils a chance to ask their teachers for assistance. Small groups not only allow the teachers to go back over parts of the course that pupils have struggled with but also to help them with their homework.

Modern languages: learning modern languages is a fundamental requirement for professional success. We have a language lab and encourage pupils to interact with the foreign students who come to study for a year or for a specific period.

Orientation: pupils may, at the suggestion of parents or teachers (or even at their own request) receive counselling on their academic orientation.

School trips: educational outings are organised by teachers throughout the year. They help pupils to tie in their studies with an educational activity.

Our strengths and specific approach

  • Small classe sizes
  • Computer equipment
    A computer room is available to pupils under the supervision of a teacher or educator. We keep abreast of the development of digital tools both for teaching purposes and contact with parents.
  • An orientation officer​:
    Mr. Mangin is responsible for international relations, examinations and orientation. He ​helps ​students find their way​ for university and professional orientation​. Several actions are carried out during the year to allow high school students to meet the alumni and exchange with them on their personal and professional experience.
  • Guided study
    Three days a week, from 4.50pm to 6.45pm, teachers and educators offer guided study sessions in which pupils can receive the specific help they need.
  • Sports and cultural activities
    See “Activities

Head of Studies

Sandra Manzarro

Teachers websites

Some teachers have special websites for the subjects they teach :

M. Samir Rezzouk :

M. Régis Bouchez :

M. Bertrand Guffroy :